Coach Zay has been around basketball all his life. His fondest memory is from the young age of 6 when he won his first player of the game medal at i9 Sports. To him, there is no better feeling than the ball in his hands.

Zay's passion for teaching kids developed out of his own struggle. He played injured throughout his his entire high school career. Neglecting  to take care of his mind and body. Only after Arthroscopic Knee Surgery, prior to his senior season, did he come to the realization that self-care is of the utmost importance. He wondered how he could change how athletes could learn how to take control of their own bodies and skill.

Zay uses the sport of basketball to inspire and motivate kids. To him, basketball is more than just a game, he knows he can teach life skills such as accountability, responsibility, organization, collaboration, respect and so many more through the greatest sport on earth.

Whether coach Zay is teaching ball handling, proper movements, stretching, or mindfulness, he's doing so in a way to uplift and motivate the athlete. He sees himself as a teacher of a game that teaches life. His goal is to give students the tools they need to reach their full potential mentally and physically in a fun environment. He delivers youth with the detailed training his single mother wasn't able to afford. Guidance and habit-building, taught through detail and attention. 

Coach Zay spends his off days learning more about the game through the plethora of resources he has at his disposal.



Coach Zay’s basketball career started out strong, even from a young age. In middle school, he was named all-county and MVP both years, demonstrating his exceptional skill and talent on the court. Unfortunately, nagging knee injuries began to plague him before he even entered high school.

Despite the challenges posed by his injuries, Coach Zay persevered and continued to play basketball at a high level. He started out as a varsity player at two different Forsyth County high schools, and even after undergoing knee surgery before his senior year, he continued to excel. In fact, he was named to the 1st Team All-Tournament and 1st Team All-Region in Region 5-7A, as well as the South Forsyth High School Basketball MVP that same year.

Coach Zay’s accomplishments demonstrate not only his exceptional skill as a player, but also his resilience and dedication to the sport. Although his knee injuries may have posed a challenge, he refused to let them stand in the way of his success. Today, Coach Zay is a role model for young basketball players, showing them that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.